As a wide-ranging director, Leonardo Ricagni has successfully closed the gap between commercials, music videos, TV and films. Leonardo’s multi-lingual and multi-cultural experience provides him an edge to easily navigate and beautifully portray this interconnected world. 

Based early on in Barcelona, Leonardo has shot more than 500 commercials around the world, winning numerous awards in Cannes, FIAP and CLIO. In 1996 Leonardo set up base in NY and spent the next few years shooting projects for America.

Leonardo's directorial feature debut began with EL CHEVROLE—a visually provocative dramedy that explores the reunion of a mythical underground band in a lost city in South America. Revolutionizing the box office in Uruguay, EL CHEVROLE was an innovative movie that continues to be one of the highest grossing Uruguayan films. Leonardo was hired in 2002 to direct the independent feature film 29 PALMS, starring Chris O’Donnell, Michael Rappaport, Jeremy Davies, Keith David and Bill Pullman.

In 2003 Leonardo wrote and directed INDOCUMENTADOS (UN_DOCUMENTED AMERICA). Premiering at the 2004 AFI Film Festival in LA, the film presents a visually expressive and emotionally driven journey into the lives of the undocumented immigrants in the streets of NY in the aftermath of September 11th.

Leonardo signed a deal in 2004 to move to LA and work for Quentin Tarantino’s “A Band Apart" to develop crossover content such as A DIOS MOMO that premiered at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival with great success and went on to have its US premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006.

In 2007, Leonardo returned to Tribeca, this time with a short film in competition, FEATHERS TO THE SKY. Created for the UNDP (United Nations), this film addresses the importance of allowing children to complete a primary education.

Leonardo now works out of LA, and embarked on a new venture, Migrante Content— spearheading a production shop with bases in LATAM & LA which specializes in creating/producing content for original series, films and social impact media. Leonardo and the millennial Migrante team continue to create projects that meld the gap between borders and cultures. 

Leonardo's vision as a director, as well as his unstoppable desire to produce compelling material, pushes him to discover unique stories in every corner of this multilayered world.